Friday, 6 May 2016



Eijer is a student from 5th level. She spent six months in hospital because she had leukaemia.
The hospital organized a competition to describe the hospital. Eijer wrote a fantastic description and she won the competition!!!
We asked her some questions.

1.    How did you feel when you won the prize?
Eijer: I felt very happy and excited. I wanted to know what the prize was.

2.    Was it difficult to write the description?
E: No, it wasn’t. It was easy because I spent 6 months there and I knew the people, I had good feelings and I wrote from the heart.

3.    What was the prize?
E: A new tablet, a free scuba diving baptism, a Real Sociedad scarf etc. … the prizes were great!!!

4.    Who gave you the prizes?
E: The Real Sociedad girl players.

Interviewers: 5th level students
Interviewee: Eijer

Tuesday, 3 May 2016



The first day in Tutera we arrived at Argia school at half past twelve. Then, we did some activities and we saw some monuments from the town. we played with the wool to meet people. When the games finished we ate the snack. Later we went to a park to have lunch. , then  each person went with his/her exchange friend. In the evening,most people went to have dinner in the Jumas pizzeria.

On the second day we went to the Bardenas. When we arrived in the Bardenas we saw a video and then  we had a snack. When we finished the snack we went to the most famous zone of the Bardenas and we had lunch there.
We saw some bird nests and we had a very good time!! The landscape was beautiful.
On the third day we went to Senda Viva. We saw the animals and then we rode on attractions. We watched a show of birds. It was very interesting! Our favourite attraction was Bobsleigh.

                 THE END