Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Our ideal town is small .There are chocolate and caramel houses, shops and buldings in a circle.There is a fountain with chocolate.There are different shape shops. Each student has got one slide to go from school to home. There is a fountain in the middle of the town and one  animal park. It rains sweets and there are elves.There is a river.
By: Maddi ,Naroa and Irati.


In my ideal town, there is  a football pitch near the park.
There are 2 tennis courts opposite the footbal pitch.
There is a big house next to the footbal pitch.
There is a hospital next to the bus stop.
There are friends from Logroño at the bus stop.



In our ideal shopping mall, there is a cinema, a hospital, a café and train station.
There are supermarkets and shops.
There are 9 floors.
There is a fantastic aquarium behind the lift.

By: Ainhoa, Izarne and Haitz

In my ideal town there is a hospital.
There are 4 schools.
There isn´t a museum.
There are   big    attractions   parks.
There isn´t a supermarket.
There are 2police stations.
There aren´t shops.
There are a lot of big gyms 
There are a lot of cinemas.
There are 2 football – pitches.
There are 2 basketball  - pitches.
There are 2 video game rooms.
By: Imanol