Thursday, 22 December 2016

We wish you merry Christmas and a happy new year from the bottom of our hearts.
Lots of love.

3rd level. Animal description

 Izaro is reading a book in the school playground.
 Enei is skateboarding. He isn't playing basketball.
 Aizane is rollerskating. She loves this activity.
 Auritz, Beñat, Nora, Leire and Miren are playing basketball.
 Alex, Ihintza and Alain are playing football. Alain is the goalkeeper. Alex is kicking the ball.
 Malen is climbing in the park.
 Enei and Izaro are running.
 Beñat is drinking water in the fountain. Nora is waiting her turn.
Miren, Izaro and Malen are skipping. They are having a good time.

 Oskitz, Asier, Beyonce and Mikel are playing with the scooter.
 Joanes is skateboarding and Udai is running.
 Izaro and Nahia are playing basketball in the basketball pitch.
 Nora, June, Uxune and Irati are playing pala. They like this activity a lot.
 June, Irati, Nora, Izaro, Nahia and Uxue are playing volleyball.
 Joanes is surfing in Hendaia. He isn´t playing football.
Uxue, Nora and June are rollerskating. Are they having a good time? Yes, they are.