Friday, 29 April 2016


On the first day we took the bus on Tuesday in our school at 9:15.  When we arrived at Tutera school we saw our friends and we had a snack. Then we visited Tutera and we had lunch in one park. We played and later, their parents came. We had dinner in a pizzeria. Later we played in front of the pizzeria and then we went to our exchange friends’  home.
On the second day we went to Bardena “desert”. In our opinion the desert was boring. We visited the “desert” and we had lunch and then we had time to play.  Later we went to Tutera school and then the parents came again. Some of us went out to the streets to play.
On the last day we went to Sendaviva all together. There were many attractions. We played a lot and we had a great time: We rode in the “caida libre” (freefall) and lot of attractions more. The best attraction was “Bobsleigh”.  At 16:00 more or less, we took the bus and we came to Asteasu.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016


The last week of holidays I visited my cousins. The road was very long! 6 hours and 30 minutes by car, so we thought to spend two days in Vielha. On the second day we went to spend 5 days with my cousins in Andorra.
In Andorra we visited "Naturlandia", it is a theme park and we went to a Spa. In Naturlandia there were a lot of attractions and many animals to see. I rode all zip lines, I rode a horse and a lot of things more.
I had a great time!

By Irati Arruti   (6th level)