Wednesday, 25 April 2018

 Imanol and Ibai are riding a bike in a race.
Ruben is playing the guitar.He isn't playing the piano.
 Ruben, Unax, Unai, Aimar and Xanet are playing basketball.
 Ahetze, Unai and Eider are playing with the hulahoop.

 The three boys are dancing "backpack kid" dance.
Aner is playing with his bike.
 Ibai and Beñat are reading books in the library.

 Ahetze, Eider and Imanol are doing rhythmic gymnastics.
 Imanol and Inhar are playing boardgames.
They are dancing "Aske matte".

 Oihan is reading the map of Europe.
 Aiara and Maialen are playing with the flashcards.
 They are doing experiments with water.

 Irati and Ibai are using the computer.
 Naroa is drawing a picture. She isn't reading a book.
 Unai is listening to music with his headphones and singing.
 Manex is very concentrated. He is learning English.
 Ibai is doing maths. He is drawing a picture using a ruler.
Beñat is taking a picture with the mobile phone.
 Aiara, Manex, Maddi and Naroa are doing exercises.
 They are running in the park.

 Unai is skateboarding.
 Iñaki and Maialen are doing handcrafts.
 Maddi and Manex are writing in the notebook.